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About us

John Evans, Owner

John has a vision for Indigo Motors: “I want this to be a place where people can come and buy good quality used cars at a decent price. I want them to know that they can relax here and just enjoy the process. Customers won’t have to play the usual games that many dealerships play when they are dealing with me. No hard sell tactics, no pricing games, no feeling like you wish you were anywhere else besides buying a car.” With over 30 years in auto sales and finance, and a strong reputation in the industry, John has the experience and skills you can rely on when buying your next vehicle.

About us

Cheryl Evans, Office Manager

Cheryl has a strong background in customer service. In her words, “people deserve to be treated like they matter. People need cars. I so often hear people say they hate car shopping. At Indigo Motors we believe customer service is priority number one. You need a car; we help you get a car. And -surprise! -you might actually enjoy the experience.” When not working, you’ll often find Cheryl crafting, reading, and dreaming about future vacations.